About the Author

Eldot, a simple cipher, is a nom de plume. The decision to use a pen name was made when the first book was nearing publication, primarily to provide cover for friends, colleagues, and relatives. It had become clear that the pioneering aspect of the book could be controversial enough to cause others discomfort or embarrassment if they were asked about it. This removed them from having to face any surprises.

Besides, the author prefers to be out of the spotlight. Inquiries about his private or public life have nothing to add to what these books have set out to do. Was he ever a Boy Scout? Is he from North Carolina? Who cares?

For some time, Eldot had been troubled by the fact that most if not all serious fiction dealing with homosexual or “gay” identity seemed rule bound to end in death or tragedy. So he asked the question: are there no “lived happily thereafter” endings in a gay boy’s coming of age story?

Of course there are—he knew of a few. They’re just kept secret. Otherwise, the happy part gets destroyed. That’s the way it is in real life. But in the world of fiction, you get to pretend. And that’s the main reason Eldot chose a fictional approach. It allows more freedom, more honesty, and more fun. It doesn’t have to have a tragic ending. Take that away, and guess what? The challenges faced by gay teen boys are not so different after all.

Taboos are powerful when it’s dark. Let the sunshine in. Turn on the light and it’s possible to find truth and beauty.

Eldot is retired; he’s lived in the Pacific Northwest for most of his life. Aside from his grey hair and modest potbelly, he thrives on the illusion that he is still in his thirties. When he isn’t writing he takes walks, gardens, and helps family and friends with sundry outdoor projects. He listens to classical music all the time.

Barr’s Meadow was to be his first novel; it grew into a series of five. The Poker Club was number two. The Shooting Gallery is the third in the series to be published in an Xlibris edition. Plans to offer the last two, Thunder and Lightning and The Champions are in the works.

Extensive bonus material and information is available free at the author’s website. All five books are available in eBook format.