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From  author Eldot comes a special coming-of-age story


An adventure about boys ... Eldot presents a fresh new series for adults. The coming of age story is embedded in an episodic two-week summer camp full of variety and fun.

Julian kept two scrapbooks; this special one has not been shared until now.  The nostalgic pull is strong—especially appealing is a story that recalls the happy days of youth. Perhaps you’d like to relive some memories, or discover ones that were missed. This is a peek back at the world of 1962, before the Internet and cell phones—when boys learned by discovering things on their own and interacted with real people.

• Did you miss the chance to go to summer camp? This story will fill the gap.
• Did you go to camp but it was boring, or too short? This makes up for that.
• Did you go to camp, but were too inhibited to try all those things? Here is a memory for you to cherish.
• Or was your camp experience fabulous and terrific? See how this one compares!

This story about a teen boy discovering love is not the usual coming of age drama—this one banishes the prejudice and the bad guys and shows the comic side. A lot of boys frolic, experiment, and discover wonderful things. There are surprises, fantasies and lots of fulfilled expectations.

Julian's Private Scrapbook is written for mature readers; the purpose is to look at underlying present day social issues from a new perspective: the past, and the positive. Not for sale to persons under 18.